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's no doubt its genuine fury. protesters at the u.s. embassy even tore down the stars and stripes to hoist the fundamentalist islamic slack. across the muslim world and the american banker fuelled a destructive frenzy this week. and where there was no embassy they went for american symbols. can see and hardee's restaurant was torched. and a highly respected american school over run and looted. but wasn't really a clumsy u.s.- made film that caused all of this. in fact editor of the newspaper said the real roots lie much deeper. >>> american foreign policy for a long time was doing a lot of harm. >>> in egypt american long supported the widely despised president mubarak who was toppled by a popular uprising just last year. >>> weaker speaking about the long history of mistrust and anchor and will finally get their reason. >>> especially in poor muslim countries were millions face chronic injustice and corruption. in cairo this week protesters didn't actually reached the embassy but they did invade the grounds before riot police drove them back teargas. it took its president three old da
- sorry. yes! vo: from the new, to the hard to find: >>> welcome back the winds u.s. open final has been delayed until today because of severe weather. yesterday's storms despondent to traders in the new york city area one to historic beachfront community of breezy 0.15 mi. southeast of manhattan a second followed moments later about 10 mi. away and residents said the they're pretty rattled. >>> we saw huge twister tornado coming at us with her manager said run into the room which circuit greenroom its concrete sweet just ran in there a lot of people were emotional crying and shook up. >>> at the u.s. open heavy rain and strong wind forced a delay in the late afternoon officials actually evacuated the stadium suspended matches until today and turning to the weather locally in the bay area we are expecting morning fog but it's going to recede giving way to sunshine later in the day. take a live look out side at ocean beach with not a lot of fog out there this hour of the temperatures are in the '50s all around the area covered 55 degrees and 55 at san francisco airport and here's the re
but is that economy that unusual. the temperatures get into the '90s in the and and certainly woman in yesterday and probably peaking on monday but it's not dramatic. 101 in their field and 100 and livermore it's going to get warm. in this city just 75 degrees talking about that and the forecast for all of the bay area when we come to the weather in a few minutes. >>> fire heavily damaged the law office of the vallejo mayor davis is being investigated as arson. police say an that this data by a disgruntled client of either the mayor or his blog partner with its arsonists as the kremlin as the mayor this year. earlier his motorcycle was stolen from city hall. police are looking into the possibility of domestic terrorism. >>> because of the high-profile nature of who is involved we're characterizing it as a form of domestic terrorism that way we can bring in subject matter experts such as the fbi to utilize resources that this organization may not have. >>> so far off >>> if you remember the killing of the show prosecutors say that giselle kill the 26 to lustrous in a lot of was that she belie
but the skies with a temperatures in the '50s for most part. aside from that it's going to be nice with the low pressure spanning in southwestern alaska's sending some cloud cover to the bay area because of this low pressure sending the cloud cover appeared in the northern part of the state. already got side look up and see the cloud cover coming through the should not squeeze in the rain had of it is possible there could be a rope drop or two but not as much sunshine today as we had yesterday. still perfectly pleasant with the numbers not as good as yesterday and as you head out the door this morning part the sunshine of the coast with high cloud cover for the bay area but for those of you sitting at mr. your not a high cloud cover. a model of how the atmosphere should behave in the next 24 hours of shows the cloud cover over the bay area and another wave comes to this afternoon and then clearing out and returning to the low cloud cover along the shoreline overnight tonight with low, cover again is to have to work tomorrow morning. temperatures in the mid-70s inland if your heading into the gr
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4